2nd March #weeklypositives

OK so more changes to announce! Followers will have noticed that my weekly update on positives isn’t being quite as regular as hoped and I have accepted that I need a daily discipline to keep me on track!

I have therefore started a Face Book page for my positives, I am hoping it will be easier to update and manage than my wordpress?! It also gives more people the opportunity to learn about my Coaching practice I hope! The link is https://www.facebook.com/CoachPositive/



February 22nd #dailypositives #weeklypositives #halfterm

This last week or so I have been enjoying time with my children as they were on half term break. The theme was Miss Peach’s ongoing 5th Birthday celebrations! She is such a joyous individual and has been from birth, it has been a pleasure treating her and giving her lots of attention.

  1. Miss Peach waking up by the sea on her birthday IMG_6349
  2. Miss Peach and Little Bird enjoying the Brighton experience together IMG_6303
  3. Catching up with family and friends, cake, yummy dinners, zoo, seaside and laughter.
  4. Spending time with my beloved Big Bro!IMG_6542

28th January / A change of plan… #dailypositives

Various factors have come together to make me re-evaluate my daily positives. A new mobile and lost password stopped me updating regularly as I had to wait for time on the laptop. What I found was that I quite liked not having to write them publicly every day although I have still made a point every evening of going through them for myself. My concern that I was starting to write them for an audience i.e. what would entertain.

A change of plan and a fresh approach is now needed! I am now going to write a weekly positive on here, picking the top positives I have noted.

Positives since my last blog:

  1. Getting my new double sided business cards! One side for @BrackendaleTC and the other for my Coaching. Seeing them has made my dual role somehow more real and possible. These cards then meant I could attend my first networking event for Brackendale Tree Care, including making an elevator pitch! Yes I talked about tree care to a group of strangers. I could never have done it without the #HappenistaProject and all the networking advice. I got so much from  the event #GuildfordLadies, business contacts and great feedback, in fact i’m going to another networking event next week!
  2. A trip to the play ground with Little Bird. I enjoyed the fresh air and time to focus and be present with him. The joy of the swings!
  3. My #Happenista call tonight, so great seeing familiar and new faces. Lots of connections to be made and congratulations to be shared!IMG_6110

20th January #dailypositives #Happenista

  1. Waking up like an excitable child on Christmas day to look at my new profile on the Happenista Project website! I’m so excited to be playing a supportive role for this amazing programme that empowers women it has made such a positive impact on my life.  http://www.happenistaproject.com/about/
  2. Another beautiful frosty morning walk complete with frozen daisies.
  3. A rare relaxed evening, watching footie with my husband and as a bonus our team won!IMG_6065

17th – 19th January #dailypositives

No I have not sunk into a pit of despair where nothing positive has touched me, rather I have changed my mobile and the wordpress app which I usually write my positives on is being touchy!

So highlights of positives from the past couple of days:

  1. Little Bird getting a new coat just in time for the cold weather #cosy #newcoat #goodparent
  2. Snow! #snow #snowpeople #snowman
  3. The re-discovery of chocolate toast. #tasteofchildhood
  4. Firming up a new work opportunity #doingwhatIlove #coaching
  5. Beautiful frosty morning for a dog walk.
  6. Best pork and apple sausages i’ve ever tasted!IMG_6032

14th January #dailypositives

1. Fond memories: I am sad to hear of Alan Rickman dying, his acting made a huge impact on me at an impressionable age. I remember vividly going to WHSmiths to choose a suitably sophisticated card to write a love letter to him. I don’t remember what I wrote now but the card had Van Gogh, Blue Iris’s on the front. I sent the card and never bothered him or anyone else famous again …

2. An exciting work opportunity popping up.

3. Setting up my new mobile #geek